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I have spent 15 years in military Special Operations and witnessed the atrocities of human traffickers across Europe, Asia, Africa and here at home!

But human traffickers are in some deep trouble. The man who trained me to be a Pararescueman, later joined the CIA, currently attending Harvard and is now the founder of DeliverFund. DeliverFund is dedicated to training, equiping and advising law enforcement to ensure human traffickers get the prison cell they deserve.

Deliverfund has been able to

  • Take an evidence collection process that once took 45 days, down to 45 minutes!
  • Free 80 victims and prevent an additional 254!
  • Play a major role in shutting down!

Deliverfund needs our support to

  • Train more law enforcement officers to arrest more traffickers.
  • Rescue victims (96% female / 50% children) and prevent future ones.
  • Reduce the human trafficking market by 80% by 2024-2026!

I want a my children and YOURS to thrive in a country that is free from this evil.

Let us unite in saying, "I will not stand by and watch. I'm joining a movement to do the right thing."

Till it ends,

Doug Dicken

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