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Help #CrushEvil with DeliverFund

Join me in the fight against human trafficking!

$25 towards $3,500

Join me in supporting real change. Human trafficking is a real problem in America, and supporting DeliverFund is a step toward eradicating this evil and keeping our children safe.

As I’m closing the final chapter to my first education goal, I have learned that human trafficking is a MAJOR issue in the United States. While there are many great organizations that help with getting people off the streets, DeliverFund goes after the people who are enslaving these humans. Every little bit you contribute will help DeliverFund get closer to their goals of assisting law enforcement to get human traffickers behind bars. Every donation goes to DeliverFund to help save people and give them their lives back.

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for DeliverFund.