Shelby Smith
Shelby Smith's Fundraiser

#CrushEvil with DeliverFund

Join me in the fight against human trafficking!

$50 towards $2,000

Join me in supporting real change. Human trafficking is a real problem in America, and supporting DeliverFund is a step toward eradicating this evil and keeping our children safe.

Since I was in middle school I had a passion to help victims of human trafficking. I could envision myself knocking down the door to arrest these evil criminals. After I graduated I went to college for Criminal Justice not really knowing where God wanted me to go I just figured I would get my degree and go from there. Fast Forward a few months where I meet my now husband that was Security Forces in the Air Force. He was concerned for my safety in the career field I was going into so we decided I would pick a safer job for our future family. I started beauty school since it was another passion of mine and it was "safe". After 10 years of redirecting my career path I still long for helping the victims of human trafficking to get out of the hands of evil. Human Trafficking isn't happening in foreign countries, its happening right here in American. Its in our back yard and I don't want to wait until someone I love is a victim. I want to take action NOW.

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for DeliverFund. Most human trafficking organizations help fund the victims after they are rescued but DeliverFund focuses on working side by side the law enforcement to stop the evil men and women that are targeting our kids, and loved ones. Please help us knock down the doors to these criminals.